Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Good2Drive provides accident replacement vehicles to the ‘not at fault’ party who have temporarily lost the use of their vehicle due to an accident by no fault of theirs. Good2Drive will recover these costs (credit hire) from the insurer of the ‘at fault’ party and we have extensive experience and working relationships with reputable insurers.

We are able to provide this service because the ‘at fault’ party is obliged by law to pay the reasonable costs associated with the ‘not at fault’ party’s hire of a replacement vehicle.

Please complete the following form and answer a few quick questions that will confirm your eligibility.
  • Valid drivers license (front and back copy)
  • Vehicle proof of ownership (renewal notice or DOT documentation)
  • At-fault party claim number and insurance company
  • At-fault party details including, vehicle registration and insurance information
  • New & fully maintained vehicles
  • Roadside assist
  • No cost to you if you’re not at fault
  • We deliver the car to you
  • A vehicle that suits you
  • Local WA support
  • Experience with over 10,000 bookings
  • In partnership with Aries Car Rental and over 10 years of experience

You will not be liable for the rental costs provided you are not at-fault, assist us in recovery of those costs from the at-fault party or their insurer and oblige by our terms and conditions.

You may be required to pay for costs, which are avoidable such as:

  • Fuel
  • Tolls
  • Any traffic or parking infringements
  • Excessive vehicle cleaning fee
  • Unacceptable wear & tear
  • Excess or damage
  • Administrative costs


Call us on 08 6245 2328  within 24 hours of the accident
If you need a tow, we require you to contact our towing partner West Wide Logistics on 0408 875 239

Ensure you obtain all involved parties details; including name, address, registration number, insurance details & contact phone number.

Provide details of the accident; damage description, witness details (if applicable)

Provide photos of the damage to Good2Drive.

Yes, you are able to hire a car directly through our rental partners Aries Car Rental and receive a discounted rate if you’re an at-fault driver. (link here)

We collect your credit or debit card details in case we need to process any additional fees, such as:

  • Fuel (fuel is delivered full, and must be returned full)
  • Traffic or parking infringements
  • Vehicle cleaning (if excessively dirty)
  • Unacceptable wear & tear
  • Excess or damage 
  • Administrative costs


There are some restrictions when using our vehicles such as

  • 500km from Perth CBD (As far as Albany or Geraldton)
  • Not for commercial use or rideshare (Uber, Ola, etc)
  • No off-road use
  • To be driven only by registered drivers

The Mandate & Authority to Act (Mandate) and Rental Agreement set out all your responsibilities and the co-operation we may require from you and enables us to act on your behalf to recover the charges of the replacement vehicle off the at fault persons insurance company. You will receive these once we have lodged your application. You must read them carefully and speak to us about anything that you would like clarified before you sign them.

You may be contacted by the insurer for the ‘at fault’ party to ask you for information about the replacement vehicle.  We ask that you refer this matter to our highly trained team from the insurer to us as this would be part of the service Good2Drive provides.

We have a trained team of customer service professionals available on 08 6245 2328. We also ask that you put them in writing to and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

No, you have the option to source a reliable and similar vehicle to your own which does not have to be provided by your insurer. There are many reasons why your insurer may not be the best option, some of these reasons include not having to pay a deposit or excess reduction in case of any damage to the loan vehicle with Good2Drive.

About the vehicle

In most cases we have a great working relationship with insurance companies so the claims process will be seamless to help us recover your costs. However some insurance companies may make it hard and deter you from using us. 

Accordingly, to allow us to recover your costs, you must co-operate with Good2Drive if asked to do so as set out in the Mandate. On some occasions, this may include us issuing legal proceedings in your name against the at-fault party and you needing to provide evidence in support of your need for a hire car and how long you had it for. If an insurance company does start talking to you about what we may and may not do then please do contact us or speak to the company that referred you so that we can (allay any concerns you may have).

To qualify for this rental, please note you must be a minimum of 22 (25 on some and prestige vehicles) Young/inexperienced driver limitations will apply – please check with our representative at any time.

If you meet the age criteria then as long as you hold a valid drivers licence (in English) then you can drive our vehicles PROVIDING you have signed the rental agreement. If an additional driver wishes to drive the vehicle then they must contact our branch to arrange for this paperwork to be signed. If the additional driver doesn’t sign this then they are not insured.

If your vehicle is a total loss you must inform us immediately upon receiving an offer from the insurance company or your cheque. Failure to do so may deem you liable for any days we are unable to claim.

Generally you can have the rental vehicle for the length of time the estimate says it will take for the vehicle to be repaired. If the repairs go over this time then we are only able to extend this time if your repairer provides us reasons as to why it has taken longer. We may need your help in getting this information. A representative will check in with you at the beginning of each week to get an update and generally to see if everything is going alright.

Yes, all vehicles are provided with a fully filled tank and returned as such.

It is, important to note you will be responsible for any fines or parking infringements relating to traffic offences and parking while the loan vehicle is in your possession.

You may be required to pay for additional cleaning costs and/or unacceptable wear & tear, if the car was returned contrary to the delivered condition. Other additional charges may include the fuel costs if the tank was not returned at the same level and/or administrative costs.

We try and place you back in a vehicle similar to the one you have come out of. This depends on certain circumstances including availability of our vehicles and the age of your vehicle. When providing prestige vehicles, we take into account the age of your vehicle and the need for a prestige vehicle, as the other parties insurer may request this information.

Questions on Claims

Good2Drive will be happy to offer you a competitively priced rental vehicle for any additional days your vehicle is off the road not as a result of the accident or whilst you need additional time to shop around for your new vehicle.

If your vehicle is registered for business then we will have to charge you the GST portion of the hire at the end. You can then recoup this on your BAS statement. Please provide your ABN in the space on the Mandate & Authority to Act.

We do however have in our terms that our vehicles are strictly prohibited from using a reward for hire purposes i.e Uber, UberEats, Tour and Travel groups . Please speak with our representative if you have further questions.